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Q & A Forums

You can get free support through our Micropage Questions and Answers Forum as a Micropage Member.

Our Support

As a Micropage member you can contact us through your Micropage Dashboard when you login to our website.

Questions & Answers

To provide support to Micropage Members we have included a Questions and Answers section for members to interact with each other and get quality answers from fellow Australian business owners and marketing professionals.

If you have a question about your business or marketing efforts, we’re here to help!

Showcase your leadership skills by offering answers to the questions that fellow Micropage Members post in the Q&A Page.

Micropage Questions and Answers Page
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Our Support

To contact Micropage Support regarding your Micropage or Account please log into your Micropage Dashboard by the “Login” button in the menu on our homepage.

Our Micropage Support Team will reach out to you as soon as possible to answer your enquiry.

If you’re having an account issue preventing you from getting into your dashboard, please read our FAQ on this page or reach out to us on social media.

All support request must be through your Micropage Dashboard.

Custom Website And Development

Looking to compliment your Micropage with a professional looking website or wanting to update your existing site?

Our parent company Constructive Visual design quality websites for businesses all across Australia.

Constructive Visual is based in Perth, Western Australia and has been operating since 2005.

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Domain Name & Email Address Support

For support with setting up or making an changes with your domain name DNS settings please contact Constructive Visual.

Our email address supplier is Constructive Visual. If you require any assistance or help setting up your email address on your device, please get in contact with Constructive Visual support.

Constructive Visual have support information available from their website. For assistance, please contact the Constructive Visual Support Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Micropage Account

Micropage offers annual and monthly membership subscription plans.

Depending on which option that you have chosen will determine your billing cycle and when you will need to make payment once again.


This billing cycle will be from the date that you have purchased your Micropage Monthly Membership Subscription Plan through to the same date the next month.


This billing cycle will be from the date that you have purchased your Micropage Annual Membership Subscription Plan through to the same date the next year.

These are our two current billing cycles for Micropage.

Yes, you will be re-billed for your selected Micropage Membership Subscription Plan.

You will receive emails from our website asking for you to renew your membership with Micropage.

If you let your Membership lapse, your Micropage will be taken down from our website and you’ll need to recreate your Micropage again after you have made a successful payment or have created a new Micropage account.

Yes, you will be re-billed for your selected Micropage Membership Subscription Plan.

You will receive emails from our website asking for you to renew your membership with Micropage.

If you let your Membership lapse, your Micropage will be taken down from our website and you’ll need to recreate your Micropage again after you have made a successful payment or have created a new Micropage account

Yes, you have the OPTION to create a subscription payment plan annually or monthly using STRIPE to automatically bill you for your next payment.

You can opt out of this automatic billing by contacting STRIPE or your bank to cancel. You can also cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your Micropage dashboard.

You have the option at time of payment through STRIPE to not setup automatic re-billing of your Micropage subscription.

Micropage uses STRIPE as their payment gateway.

We accept payment by:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover and Diners
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Microsoft Pay

We do not accept “buy now pay later” services such as AfterPay and ZipPay at this time.

Cash and Direct Deposit payments will only be accepted as approved by Micropage management.

(We are a subscription service and prefer the above methods of payment.)

If your Micropage Membership expires your Micropage will be taken down and not shown to the public.

You have 30 days after expiry to renew your Micropage membership otherwise your account will be closed.

Once your account is closed you will need to purchase a new membership through our pricing page and create a new account and recreate your new Micropage by adding all of the content again.

To avoid having to add your content back into Micropage, please ensure that you renew your Micropage Membership on time.

You can log into your Micropage Dashboard and then click on “Your Account” section to get access to your account information.

In this section, on the right-hand side is the membership area. You can click on the “Subscriptions” tab to access your membership level status.

From here you can view your current subscription and then choose to change your membership level.

Your Micropage Dashboard

To log into your Micropage Dashboard, go to the Micropage homepage and then click on the “Login” button in the top main menu.

Once you have successfully logged into your Micropage Dashboard you will have access to:

  • Your account information.
  • Your Micropage Membership Subscription Level and access to upgrade your account.
  • Edit your Micropage data from each of the fields.
  • Edit your Micropage PRO fields (Micropage PRO Membership Required)
  • Access to the business resources toolkit (Micropage Members Only)
  • Access to the marketing resources toolkit (Micropage Members Only)
  • Business Support Questions & Answers Forum (Micropage Members Only)
  • Micropage Members Support

Editing Your Micropage

To make changes to your Micropage content, log into your Micropage Dashboard by clicking the “Login” button on the menu on the Micropage Homepage.

Once you’re logged into your Micropage Dashboard click on the “Micropage” button in the dashboard and then select “Edit Micropage“.

In this section you can update the fields for your Business Micropage.

For Micropage PRO members, you can edit both the “Edit Micropage” and “Micropage PRO” pages to make changes to your Business Micropage.

To be able to edit all of the fields, make sure that you have upgraded your account to a Micropage PRO subscription level.

To get the best results from your Micropage and for your visitors to have the best experience, its best to complete as many of the fields as possible.

Please Note: To access the Micropage PRO fields, you must have a Micropage PRO subscription level to get access to this page and those fields.

Yes, it is possible to edit some of the Micropage fields later on.

There are some Micropage fields which are mandatory and require to be completed before your Micropage can be submitted.

To edit your Micropage and add your missing content to your fields, you will need to login to your Micropage Dashboard and make the necessary changes.

A Micropage is a small one-page site that is designed to showcase your business.

You can add as much content as the fields allow for your Micropage.

We suggest that you complete all of the fields to get the best experience out of your membership with Micropage. This will provide your visitors to your Micropage with product/services information and contact details for them to reach out to you.

Yes, please reach out to our parent company, Constructive Visual and we can assist you.

Simple Enquiry
For a simple email or phone fix we can help.

Requested Support
Depending on the level of support requested, we may quote before going ahead.
For example but not limited to; requesting we fill your Micropage fields on your behalf.

Your Domain Name

A domain name is a unique naming convention that people use to be able to find you online.

The internet is run on number convention called an IP Address. An IP address is normally written in decimal digits, formatted as four 8-bit fields separated by periods.

As confusing as that sounds, it would be harder for people to remember your website address as if they had to use this in order to find your business online.

Instead of typing that complex line of numbers, a domain name is used instead.

For a Micropage we give you a free Micropage URL that is generated once you create your Micropage with us. This can be something like: https://micropage.com.au/m/constructive-visual/ for example.

You can purchase your own unique domain name and point it to your Micropage to make it easier for your customers to find you as well as making it memorable for people to remember

A domain name is an optional extra to your Micropage Membership.

If you would like a more professional approach to your Micropage you can purchase a domain name that is more relevant to your business.

This can be used on stationery such as your business cards, invoices, letterheads, email signatures and flyers to let your customers know how they can get to your Micropage.

This can shorten the length and complexity of trying to tell you clients over the phone how to get to your Micropage.

Having your own custom domain name can make it easier for your customers to remember how to get to your contact information via your Micropage.

Yes, you do not require a domain name to have a Micropage.

When you first create your Micropage, a unique URL is created from your account information. This will remain the same URL as long as your Micropage Membership Subscription is active.

If you let your Micropage Membership lapse, you run the risk of losing your unique URL and this may change to a completely different URL if you create a brand new Micropage Membership Subscription with us.

This is an automated URL and you don’t need to do anything within your account to get a Micropage URL address.

You can purchase your domain name through any provider.

We recommend our parent company Constructive Visual. It’s an Australian-owned family run business and we provide competitive pricing with local support.

Constructive Visual will also setup your DNS to point to your Micropage/Email Hosting on request.

Your Email Address

An email address is an electronic mailbox that sends and receives messages as emails.

An email must be sent from a unique address that you own to another person’s email address across the internet.

To setup an email address, you must first own a domain name. A domain name is a unique name followed by a TLD (Top-Level Domain – for example: .com or .com.au).

A full email address consist of a combination of an identifying name (such as sales or your own personal name such as Sarah). The @ (pronounced “at”) symbol which is the connector between your identifying name and your domain name. Then you domain name with your TLD.

Example Email address:

You will need to register a domain name from a provider and then purchase email hosting to setup an email address. There are many providers. Constructive Visual from Australia is a email hosting provider that we can recommend but please do your own research to find a company that meets your requirements.

After purchasing a domain name, the first thing every business owners needs for themselves and their staff is a professional email address because it includes their business name in it.

A professional email address will align with your brand and help you win over the trust of your audience when dealing with potential clients and other business owners.

A proper business email address gives your business a professional demeanor and announces to the world that you take your business seriously.

By using a free email address even if it includes your business name, clients or customers may be resistant to opening any email from that email address as it could’ve been registered by anyone and they may be cautious that it may be a scam email.

As a business, using a free email service such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail and outlook is seen as reckless as it lowers your reputation and affects clients trust in your brand.

Having a professional email address gives your business credibility and trust and ensures that the public takes your business seriously.

A professional email address has more significance to your business than what you think!

Your email address speaks absolute volumes about how professional your business is and how much that people can trust you. A professional email address adds instant credibility and builds critical trust with your clients and customers.

Having a professional email address looks more professional and consistent on your stationery such as business cards and flyers.

An email address will need to setup through an email hosting company.

There are many email hosting companies across Australia that will help you setup your domain name first and then help you with your email hosting.

Once you have purchased a domain name, you can choose a email hosting package depending on how many emails you’re looking to store on the web and have access to on multiple devices or access to the web account to view from the server.

There is some setup that is required through your domain name to point to your mail DNS to your email hosting server. This is best to be setup by your domain hosting provider/email hosting provider by supplying the settings sent to you by your email hosting provider.

There are many email hosting providers available. Constructive Visual from Australia is a email hosting provider that we can recommend but please do your own research to find a company that meets your requirements.

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