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For business start-ups and working from home businesses.


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For business start-ups and working from home businesses.


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For business start-ups and working from home businesses.


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Perfect For Businesses Wanting To Get Premium Online Exposure.


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For business start-ups and working from home businesses.


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Micropage Frequently Asked Questions

Micropage offers annual and monthly membership subscription plans.

Depending on which option that you have chosen will determine your billing cycle and when you will need to make payment once again.


This billing cycle will be from the date that you have purchased your Micropage Monthly Membership Subscription Plan through to the same date the next month.


This billing cycle will be from the date that you have purchased your Micropage Annual Membership Subscription Plan through to the same date the next year.

These are our two current billing cycles for Micropage.

No, a Micropage will never replace a full website.

A Micropage simply complements your website. It is designed to be another method of promoting your business online and driving potential visitors to your website.

Micropage does not guarantee that you will receive visitors from Micropage direct to your website but Micropage is another means of promoting your products and services for your customers to find you and your details in order to contact you.

With your current website you have far more flexibility to make changes to your content and design plus view your marketing insights data.

We highly recommend having both.

A Micropage is a promotional tool with all of your important business information that can be used for a potential customer to find you on the internet and to take action.

A website is a great sales tool when created professionally. It has far more functionality and design features to help with your business sales.

When you first create a website it’s like having a brick and mortar store in the middle of the dessert. No one is going to find your website unless you start marketing it.

With your Micropage it is designed to be found with the local search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Micropage has a powerful search feature to encourage visitors to our website to find businesses in their area. Similar to a online White Pages, we’re here to promote Australian Businesses to those looking for services or products in their area.

Both a Micropage and a business website is essential to any Australian Business.


Yes, you can purchase a domain name and point the Domain Name to your Micropage URL.

Please visit our parent company Constructive Visual to purchase a unique domain name and to get support setting up your domain name.

After purchasing a domain through Constructive Visual, their support staff will help setup your domain to your Micropage URL.

Just contact Constructive Visual support using their e-Ticket system which is available through your Client Dashboard once you have purchased your Domain Name.

Please Note: You’ll need to provide Constructive Visual support with your full Micropage URL to your Micropage.
For example:

Yes, if you have purchased a domain name you can then purchase an email address through our parent company Constructive Visual.

For more information and pricing for email address packages, please visit our email addresses page.

Our End

The website is protected with a 256-bit encrypted SSL Certificate, firewall, malware scanner, login monitoring, scam bot and virus protection.

The Micropage website is backed up regularly and is maintained by our staff.

Your End

For best protection, make sure that you’re connecting to our website on your own device that isn’t connected to a public connection.

Make sure your security software is up-to-date and you have the latest updates for your operating system.

As a Micropage Member you’ll get access to your own unique dashboard.

From the dashboard you’ll have access to edit your Micropage and if you’re a Micropage Pro member then you have an additional page to be able to edit further fields.

You’ll have access to your account to make changes to your profile.

There is a questions and answers section where you can join other Micropage Members to ask or answer questions related to business and marketing.

You have access to business and marketing resources and depending on your membership level will depend if you’ll get access to all of these resources.

When you access your Micropage dashboard you have access to edit your Micropage via a form.

For Micropage PRO account holders, you will have access to a “Micropage PRO” page within your dashboard where you will have access to add and edit those fields.

Yes, within your Micropage dashboard you have access to the Micropage Question & Answers forum to ask the Micropage Members for help with your Australian business and marketing efforts.

You have access to reach out to the Micropage Team for support via your Micropage dashboard for support related questions.

By joining Micropage you increase your exposure on the world-wide web. A Micropage is not a direct replacement to a website but a dynamic one-page website to promote your business.

We have designed Micropage with SEO in mind and we look at different ways of promoting all of our Micropages through social media platforms and addition websites.

An advantage of becoming a Micropage Member is that you become part of our Micropage community to help support you with any questions that you may have about business and marketing here in Australia.

We have Australian business owners and talented marketing professionals who have access to Micropage’s Questions and Answers forum.

There is a selection of business and marketing resources available depending on your Micropage membership level.

We have a range of domain name and email services available through our parent company Constructive Visual. We are always updating our services and providing new ways to promote your business online.

Yes, you will be re-billed for your selected Micropage Membership Subscription Plan.

You will receive emails from our website asking for you to renew your membership with Micropage.

If you let your Membership lapse, your Micropage will be taken down from our website and you’ll need to recreate your Micropage again after you have made a successful payment or have created a new Micropage account.

Yes, currently you can save up to 20% by paying for your Micropage Membership Subscription Plan Annually.

All annual plans have a discounted rate.

If you choose to pay monthly it will cost more over the year for your subscription.

You can change your Micropage Membership Subscription Plan anytime by logging into your Micropage Dashboard and choosing a new Micropage Membership Subscription Plan.

Please Note: If you cancel your subscription and resign up with a new account then you will need to recreate your Micropage again.

Yes, you have the OPTION to create a subscription payment plan annually or monthly using STRIPE to automatically bill you for your next payment.

You can opt out of this automatic billing by contacting STRIPE or your bank to cancel. You can also cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your Micropage dashboard.

You have the option at time of payment through STRIPE to not setup automatic re-billing of your Micropage subscription.

Micropage uses STRIPE as their payment gateway.

We accept payment by:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover and Diners
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Microsoft Pay

We do not accept “buy now pay later” services such as AfterPay and ZipPay at this time.

Cash and Direct Deposit payments will only be accepted as approved by Micropage management.

(We are a subscription service and prefer the above methods of payment.)

If your Micropage Membership expires your Micropage will be taken down and not shown to the public.

You have 30 days after expiry to renew your Micropage membership otherwise your account will be closed.

Once your account is closed you will need to purchase a new membership through our pricing page and create a new account and recreate your new Micropage by adding all of the content again.

To avoid having to add your content back into Micropage, please ensure that you renew your Micropage Membership on time.

Yes, during the checkout stage of completing the online form on our website, we offer a coupon codes field to enter your unique code.

From time to time, Micropage may release coupon codes for discounts on Micropages or Micropage products and services.

These coupon codes may be time sensitive and expire on a preset date.

Please check your coupon codes carefully before entering.

Please ensure to check our social media channels and website for details on any coupon code releases.

Please Note: We do not endorse third party websites displaying our coupon codes. We do not sell coupon codes and they’re not redeemable for cash or credit.

Please do not purchase any coupon codes online from any source as they’re given away from us for free.

Please contact support to report any websites or Micropages that are using Micropage’s name for charging for paid coupon codes.

Peter Lowen from Constructive Visual is the creator of Micropage.

Micropage is a vision of Peter’s to design a simple and easy way for busy business owners to jump online and get started with a simple one-page website using just a simple form.

The concept has evolved over the years and an integrated membership platform was introduced to give Australian business owners a community, a voice, some education and a place to learn how to market their business online!

Micropage’s goal is to help Australian businesses with their marketing efforts online by providing easy platform that the average Joe can get their business on the internet the same day.

With Micropage you can get started without needing to know any complex coding or be a marketing expert.

Micropage provides the tools to get your business presence on the internet, to help promote your business and the potential of getting found online!

You can find more information about Constructive Visual’s perth website design agency by visiting their website today.

No, we are very transparent with our pricing.

There are upgrade options to go up or down in your Micropage membership subscription available in your Micropage dashboard.

All Micropage Membership Subscription Plans are provided with a annually or monthly option with the price displayed for all visitors and members to our website.

There are other services that Micropage provides such as Domain Names and Email Addresses that are available through our parent company Constructive Visual. We provide up to date pricing  for these services.

We also provide options for other optional products & services which we provide up front pricing for.

You’ll be presented with a button to click and a form with STRIPE details required to complete your online payment.

Yes, your Micropage is designed to help as another source for your business to be found online!

If you have filled in your “Website URL” field on your Micropage it may help with a link back to your website.

With a Micropage PRO account you’ll have far more features to drive sales back to your website.

Having a Micropage may help with your SEO efforts in search engines by giving you a local citation and a link back to your website.

Please reach out to a SEO expert to get the best results for your Micropage.

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