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AI Programs For Business

Although there are many mainstream AI programs available for business, in this post we are going to look at two of the most popular AI tools for business which can help you with your marketing efforts.

Follow the Chat-GPT prompts below and take a look at our favourite Jasper.ai templates that we use for our own business for you to start implementing these AI tools to power your business today!

We have included our best Chat-GPT4+ prompts that will help skyrocket the marketing of your business.

1) Creating Marketing Content

This marketing content prompt will write about your product or service.
Chat GPT will conduct it’s own research and will take into consideration the best target audience. It is set to have a fun and professional tone. You can choose to change the tones to suit your businesses branding and voice.
Chat GPT will create different variations of this marketing content and place it into a chart sorted by each tone for each of the most popular social media platforms.

					I need you to act as the most effective marketing copywriter. I need you to write effective copy for <brand> This marketing copy need to be engaging and strategically gets customers to purchase. Research <brand> thoroughly before creating the copy, aim to have copy that is concise and effective. Take into consideration the target audience and speak to them directly. Use a fun but professional tone. Create different variations of this marketing copy for every social media platform and put it into a chart for me. Give different examples based on different tones.

Below is an example that we have used for the brand “Coke-Cola”.

Chat-GPT4 Creating Marketing Content Prompt Example Using "Coke-Cola" As The Example.

2) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) AI

This Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) prompt will provide a chart based off the best keywords for your website.
It will show the estimated search volume monthly for that particular keyword as well has how difficult it is to rank for this keyword based off the competition and keyword difficulty to rank.
Chat-GPT will then provide you with a small strategy based around that keyword to help rank your website faster on the popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Duck-Duck Go.

					I want you to act like the best SEO consultant of all time. I need you to create a list of keywords as well as a corresponding targeting strategy to optimize my <website>. Then choose the appropriate keywords for targeting, taking into account the competition and search volume for each keyword. I want to rank first organically on search engines and need this list and strategy to accomplish that. I need you to put together a strategy that best incorporates the chosen keywords to maximize the potential for the <website> to rank higher in search results. Include keyword difficulty and rank them by the ones which are easiest. Show the results in a table format.

Keeping the theme of Coke-Cola, we have an example below of the Chat-GPT output for this prompt:

Chat-GPT Prompt To Get SEO Keywords For Your Website. This Example Is For The Coke-Cola Website.

3) Blog Writing

If you have ever written a lengthy blog posts you would know the amount of time that it takes to research your topic, coming up with crafty sub-headlines and writing compelling copy to keep your readers interested enough to consume all the entire piece of your article.

With Chat-GPT you can speed up this process by letting AI create the content for you!
Keep in mind you still need to be knowledgeable in the subject field that you’re writing about and Chat-GPT is limited to the amount of online content that it has access to.

Follow the below prompts to get the best results for your next blog post that makes it look like it’s been written by an actual human and not a AI generated response article.

3.A. Initial Prompt

					I want you to act as a top tier blog writer. I need a blog post about my <brand>. I need you to research the market of my brand and write a 500-1000 word blog post that is engaging, informative, and relevant to the brand. This blog post should have a bit of humour and wit. I need this blog post to captivate readers with a click baitey headline.
Blog Writing 3A Initial Prompt

3.B. Prepping ChatGPT

					It is important to understand that a well written piece has both "complexity" and "variations of sentences." Humans tend to write with greater variances in sentences with some sentences being longer adjacent to shorter sentences and with greater complexity. AI sentences tend to be more uniform and basic. I will be asking you to create writing pieces for me, but I need it to have a good amount of complexity and variations as if it were written by a human. Do you understand?
Blog Writing 3B Prepping Chat-GTP Prompt

3.C. Re-Prompting ChatGPT

					Using the concepts shared previously, rewrite the blog post with a high degree of complexity and variations of sentences as if it were written by a human.
Blog Writing 3C Human Re-Prompting Prompt

3.D. Further Re-Prompt:

					Rewrite it further to make it more complex and human-like.
Blog Writing 3D Human Further Re-Prompting Prompt

4) Competitor Analysis

Doing a Competitor Analysis is essential for any marketing team or business. It helps you accurately assess your competitors’ strategies, understand the market landscape, and devise ways to effectively position your own products or services. By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in relation to your own business, you can make better decisions when it comes to pricing, product positioning, advertising and more.

A Competitor Analysis also allows you to identify potential threats in the market – such as new entrants or changes in customer preferences – so that you can be proactive and address them before they become an issue. By comparing your own products to those of competitors, you can gain better insight into how customers view your offering, and identify areas where you can improve.

Using this competitor analysis prompt below, you can find interesting insights about your competition that can help with your marketing campaigns.

					I want you to act like an analysis / auditor. I want you to perform an analysis of <brand> with the following top 5 competitors <competitors>. I need you to assess the differences and similarities between <brand> and <competitors>. I need you to focus on pricing, market positioning, branding and messaging. Research the relevant market and analyze each brand to identify key differences and similarities. Present all the information in a detailed report that includes charts, graphs and tables. Based on all the information let me know how <brand> can improve and what actionable steps we can take to make <brand> be better than <competitors>
Competitor Analysis ChatGPT Prompt

5) Social Media Content Writing

5.A. Social Media Post That Get Attention

As Chat-GPT does have full access to the internet (As of May 2023 – this could change in the future) it can’t access your website and gather information. it has information that it has been trained on, which includes data up until 2021.

Use the prompt below to create a unique and powerful social media posts for your selected social media networks.

PROMPT TIP: If Chat-GPT doesn’t know what your brand is, write in the prompt a description of your brand (product or service) in detail and it will create social media post around your input.

					You as a social media manager, I want you to analyze each article and page from my website from these links below to create a social media post for the following platforms <platforms>. This post needs to promote our brand <brand> and it needs to highlight our competitive edge. I need you to focus on making it aesthetically pleasing, on brand, eye-catching, and a little click baitey. I need you to capture the attention of current followers and new ones. I want this post to be creative, unique and have some witty fun. Include the appropriate hashtags so that the post gets visibility.
Social Media Post That Get Attention

5.B. Social Media Posts For A Month!

This prompt will generate a full set of social media posts for the month for any social media platform(s) you require.

Go to your website and look for the sitemap to grab all of the pages on your website.
For example: https://yourwebsitename.com.au/sitemap.xml

Copy and paste all of the links at the end of this prompt.

					I want you to act like a social media manager, I need you to create a social media post for the following platforms <platforms>. This post needs to promote our brand <brand> and it needs to highlight our competitive edge. I need you to focus on making it aesthetically pleasing, on brand, eye-catching, and a little click baitey. I need you to capture the attention of current followers and new ones. I want this post to be creative, unique and have some witty fun. Include the appropriate hashtags so that the post gets visibility.

<Add your sitemap hyperlinks here>

Based on these post, I want you to continue and create a content calendar with the same parameters. I need 5 posts per week for a month. All of the posts should utilize varying verticals.


Example Sitemap Hyperlinks:



Please Note: Make sure not to include the timestamp data (Date and Time) from the sitemap. You will only need to supply the full URL and ChatGPT will analyse the blog post titles for ideas. The more URL’s it has the better it can provide you with content ideas for the month.

Prompt Tip: If you don’t have a sitemap for your website then go to your competitors website and go to their sitemap page to use for this prompt.

For example: https://yourcompetitorswebsite.com.au/sitemap.xml

Social Media Post For A Month

Prompt To Keep Chat GPT Going

Chat-GPT will only create a small number of characters on the screen and then stop. You can use the below prompt that ChatGPT understands and will continue where it left off last.

					Continue the above

Powering Your Business With AI - ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

Jasper Content Writing Machine

Jasper.ai is a revolutionary tool that can help business owners to create better and more effective marketing messages. By providing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Jasper.ai helps businesses to identify the most pertinent elements of their desired message and then craft it into an engaging and persuasive communication.

It can analyse customer data, understand their preferences, and come up with content tailored to them. Through this technology, businesses can ensure that they are sending out communications that will captivate their target audience in the most impactful way possible. With Jasper.ai’s advanced AI capabilities, business owners will be able to craft messages that resonate with customers on an emotional level and compel them to take action.

This innovative tool provides access to powerful insights about consumer behaviour which can be used to create effective and consistent marketing campaigns. In addition, Jasper.ai’s AI-powered technology allows businesses to identify potential customer needs in real-time and respond quickly with the most appropriate message. Business owners can use this tool to send out timely, contextual, and relevant communications that speak directly to their customer’s needs and interests.

Our Favourite Tools

Jasper Dynamic Template

Dynamic Template

Using a single prompt the Jasper AI can create written content based on your commands.

Jasper Documents


The document template can be used to make long form content and prepare a blog article.

Jasper Content Summarizer

Content Sumarizer

Provide Jasper with your content and it will summarise the article and provide key takeaways.

Jasper AIDA Framework

AIDA Framework

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Use this in social media posts.

Jasper Content Improver

Content Improver

Are you struggling with your marketing message? Let Jasper improve what you have written.

Jasper PAS Framework

PAS Framework

PAS stands for Problem, Agitate and Solution. This is a great approx for social media posts.

Jasper Review Responder

Review Responder

Has a customer/client left you a review? Use Jasper to craft the best thank you message.

Jasper Unique Value Propositions

Unique Value Propositions

Provide your product or service and let Jasper craft a marketing message to improve your sales.

Writing Tones


Active Voice
Expert Copyrighter


Morgan Freeman
Brene Brown
Ben Settle
Dan Kennedy
David Ogilvy
Gary Halbert
Gary Bencivenga
Joseph Sugarman
Eugene Schwartz
John Carlton
Claude Hopkins
Bob Bly
Matt Furey
Clayton Makepeace
Carline Anglade-Cole
Brian Clark
Robert Collier
Victor Schwab
Brian Kurtz
Gary Vee
Grant Cardone
Christopher Walken
Gordon Ramsey
Jack Kerouac
Zane Gray
James Patterson

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Unlocking AI: Powering Your Business With Artificial Intelligence (AI) Wheatbelt Business Network (WBN) Masterclass

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